Sage Health Announces National Rollout with 11 New Senior Wellness Centers in 2023

March 15, 2023

Each center will be fully staffed with a focus on caring for seniors in medically underserved areas

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 15, 2023) — Sage Health, a new value-based healthcare company that will serve seniors with high-performance primary care, cardiology, and wellness services, will open its first 11 senior health & wellness centers across four states in the coming year.  

Sage Health builds state-of-the-art neighborhood health centers that deliver a level of service not typically associated with healthcare. Every Sage Health patient has a multi-disciplinary care team, including a health concierge that arranges all their healthcare needs and helps patients navigate their health affordably. With fitness classes, cooking classes, and social gatherings on site, the company’s centers provide seniors resources to stay healthy.

Over the next 12 months, Sage Health will open centers in Mobile (AL), Montgomery (AL), Gulfport (MS), Little Rock (AR), and Baltimore (MD).

“In America we have neighborhoods in the same city with vast disparities in life expectancy,” said John Haskell, Founder and CEO of Sage Health. “Sage Health was founded to open doors to better health for all seniors. This is not a conventional doctor’s office – these are highly-equipped and comfortable centers led by highly-trained physicians experienced with complex health needs.”

Physician and clinical staff will be comprised of professionals who specialize in senior care and with a specific care model that allows more time spent with patients to address multiple concerns and needs.

“Seniors often have complex medical and social needs, and it takes time to fully address those,” said Michael Davidson, Sage Health Chief Medical Officer. “It’s important that patients have the opportunity to fully understand their diagnosis and treatment options and know they are not alone in their health journey.”

Centers are specially equipped with diagnostics and treatments for chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, kidney disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s. Sage Health staff coordinate specialist care, as needed. Unlike other physician practices, a Sage Health physician has a patient panel of 400 or less, and Sage Health collaborates with the best outcomes-oriented specialists and hospitals in each market.

Every Sage Health center will have activity rooms, social activities, fitness programs, nutrition programs, mental health services, and community service opportunities. Fitness classes are offered on-site for such activities as Cardio Dance, Tai Chi, Yoga, and bodyweight strength training. An acupuncture/acupressure therapist can assist patients with mild pain management, nerve disorders and general wellness. For patient convenience, door-to-door transportation can be provided via Uber or Lyft. Patients can also opt for telehealth visits without leaving their home or arrange for home visits by trained nurses. A nutritionist can help tailor dietary plans and recipes, especially for those with special needs. We always keep same-day appointment slots open for unforeseen needs.

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